PragerU is one of many conservative voices being censored by big tech companies online.  

Over 200 of PragerU’s educational videos have been placed in “restricted mode” on YouTube - making it difficult or impossible for many young people to access the videos. Multiple PragerU videos have been completely removed from Facebook for “hate speech” violations. While these videos have since been restored on Facebook, the damage of limiting our reach has already been done. Twitter has completely banned PragerU from being able to promote tweets.  

Big tech companies will continue to censor ideas they disagree with unless we stand up for free speech online and fight back.

This is not just about PragerU being silenced. It’s about another point of view being silenced. Tomorrow it could be your point of view that is being silenced.

Help us continue to spread our ideas online. Stand up for freedom of speech and fight back against online censorship by signing the petition today.

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